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Hear you me


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i wanna display in a gallery someday.

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»draw on me« by ji yeo

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Big poster, meet little poster getting up close & personal with our prints. It is a balancing act being the designer here at SPS but Tara always sticks the landing. psst. that is our sexy customer service rep. Taymoor holding the poster.


Check out our posters!!!

…and our totally awesome new digs.

This past month has been a transitory stage for all of us here at Social Print Studio. We moved out of our small yet quaint Berkeley house at the end of May, and into our new beloved warehouse HQ in San Francisco’s quirky and just shy of odd SOMA district. We have room to ride bikes inside, play a game of tape~ball tennis {instead of a tennis ball… you guessed it a tape ball, much safer} But more on that later, in an upcoming post we’ll give you the grand tour.

Back to the posters; these were taken by our in house~photographer GregO with the help of our designer Tara. It was the first photo~shoot we were able to do after we were able to unpack {i.e. find the camera} and we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Our posters come in two sizes 20in x 30in and the larger 20in x 38in $25/$35 respectively. You can choose from a variety of images ranging from a whopping 512 image poster to 50 images all from your Instagram account. So start snapping, apply~filtering, liking n’ sharing, and finally… displaying. You can make your very own

love always,

Social Print Studio.

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Jessica Fortner

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love these colors






The Most Gorgeous Book Ever Has No Words Or Pictures, Just Color

This is the RGB Colorspace Atlas by Tauba Auerbach. The 8”x8” hardcover tome is pretty much an encyclopedia of every color in the RGB index. It’s huge, it’s gorgeous, and I want one.



It’s like they were made for each other.

i swear to fucking hell if you fuckers start shipping a book and i pen i will forcibly shove you back into the pits of hell you came from

Sensors alight, the pen trailed itself sensually down the gradient shift from yellow to blue along ample curve of paper, dipping closer and closer to the book’s spine.

“Can you imagine it?” the pen whispered, whirring and selecting #00563F with practiced intimacy. “Just picture it. With your collection and my potential…we can color the world.”





I don’t normally reblog this shit but that picture in the comments is just so freaking adorable

oh look my otp is back

i want this book! and the pen in the comments.

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ok at first i saw batman biting the neck of a woman….then i saw a black cat with human hands eating a sandwich. says a lot about me i think.

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She had little patience for studying; a precocious, headstrong adolescent, she passed the time in math class by writing flirtatious notes to boys.

Anne Sexton’s report card

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You can watch the full sequence on YouTube (it’s a 7 second video, how silly! But it was too long to be one complete gif)

what book is this? it looks like a Jules Verne….or maybe a Lovecraft? Someone tell me please!

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Return from the Ball by Henri Gervex, 1879.

wow, I’ve never seen this piece before, it’s breathtaking 

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omigaad i love this fountain!

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