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Hear you me


my highs and lows of the past year: lows…feeling so inadiquate just because i was putting someone elses opinion of myself above my own; feeling old and useless because of that. also being sick through my prehgnancy/it wasnt as fun as they told me it would be (LIARS!! lol) Highs: having my baby, finding my baby, knowing myself more (thanks to my baby) getting to be on the opposite side of the creative process than im used to/understanding more what goes into directing producing something……now udwerstanding that one person has had more control of my life more than I have for most of my life(not necessarily the same person) and seeing how that has to change if im going to be truly happy. yeah….that sums it up.

fifteen (interesting?) facts about me:
im an ENFP
which means i am optomistic but can often expect the worst. strange mix huh?
i dont ever want to be pregnant again though i dont mind the idea of having another child
i often feel creatively stifled by my own limitations
which is why i dabble in so many different arts
because i get bored easily
and distracted easily
i thrive in a fast paced changing environment
but i love tradition and routine
i have a poor sense of smell and time
but can be extremely loyal to those who are loyal to me
i hate not being recognized for my efforts and accomplishments, especially if i gave and gave and gave to one person or idea and get nothing in return.
im too polite
i wont speak up for myself
but my boyfriend is helping me with that

tuckered out




do u ever just hold ur boobs in ur hands n ur just like 

boobs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

do girls really do this?

are you calling every girl that reblogged this a liar

lulz yeah

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i dont give 2 shits about a balanced breakfast im not even up for breakfast

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Monica: Phoebe, do you have a plan?
Phoebe: I don't even have a pla.


Lungs:Do you smoke cigarettes? lel yeah i used to smoke american spirit organics but now im all about turkish royals

Chest:Are your maternal/parental instincts strong? i think so

Stomach:Do you feel confident in your body image? i am more and more

Back:Are you a virgin? hahaha no

Hips:Do you like to dance? love it, cant live without it

Thighs:Has anyone ever called you fat or ugly? idk probably. you cant be everyone’s cup of tea. id rather be an aquired taste than a dollar menue item.

Knees:Have you ever cheated on someone? yes and i regret doing so but i dont regret the outcome it had

Ankles:Have you ever been arrested? lel no

Feet:Do you ever wear heels just for the hell of it? yep

Toes:Do you like country music? meh. the music i like can be more accurately described as blues or bluegrass, which some ignorant people can mistake for country

Face:Post a pic of yourself…um…kay…idk how to add a pic onto this post so ima just add one after this

me lel



that’s what i got :P

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Current headahot

just made this on FB, this is so me!

dats me!