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These were done at Chroma Tattoo in West Bloomfield, MI by Ryan Methric

They are a quote from the book “The Sky Is Everywhere” by Jandy Nelson

i like this placement and font….I’ve been trying to figure out a way to put “It’s showtime” and “the show must go on” on my body, maybe something like this?

fyi: those just aren’t cheesy sayings for me, my favorite choreographer is Bob Fosse and I also happen to love Queen……… well as anything theatre so these quotes sort of blend together all three in a way.



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haha I wouldn’t get this done, but this is pretty schweet!

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another cool wrist tattoo idea! geez! i need like ten wrists…

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i like this as a tattoo…. too bad i want to get my wrist scarred with the elements on them….

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