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Hear you me

Amy: Didn't your mom ever tell you where robot babies come from?
Bender: NO! She was a religious fundamentalist. Plus she didn't have a mouth. It's an unusual combination!

hahaha lurve that episode

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truer words have never been spoken

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This final scene not only killed my heart strings, but also forever taught me how to properly use good and well.

Mr. Feeny: Believe in yourselves, dream, try, do good.

Topanga: Don’t you mean, “do well”?

Mr. Feeny: No, I mean “do good”.

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I just realized that my two favorite Always Sunny episodes are largely Charlie-centric

Why? Because Charlie is the best.

Spongebob likes balls in his mouth


Yeah, I spent a half hour of my life just giving dean pie

dean loves pie.

sam’s all like “yup.”

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